30 June 2024 link business

🧃 Why AriZona Iced Tea CEO won’t raise 99-cent price: It’s my little way of giving back’ — CNBC

I don’t know about never, [but] not in the foreseeable future,” he told Today. We’re going to fight as hard as we can for consumers, because consumers are my friend.”

Arizona and Costco are two companies who just do it right. We are in this endless cycle of capitalism gaming markets and always having to make more, but why? The CEO of Costco isn’t one of these outrageously paid CEOs (still super wealthy though) and they’ve kept the hot dog price low. I don’t know what the Arizona guy makes (he’s got quite the high net worth), but the fact they’ve managed to make a profit while offering the drink at $0.99 is a testament to good business, good operations, and goodwill.

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