15 May 2024 link blogging

🌐 We Are the Curators of the Web β€” Barry Hess

_We _are the human beings that are meant to curate the web. We should continue to spread the word about how we use the web, which is very personally and as active participants. We should make clear our desire for technologies that are accessible for non-technical people to be able to join us in controlling their own web presence. We build our websites and share our thoughts and link our links. Over time the web becomes surfable to more and more people.

Yes. 100%. I think we underestimate how finicky a lot of these platforms are as technical people (and I’m not even that technical). It’s why I do a lot of what I do on the web: to share and curate. It’s also why I’m a big fan of what Good Enough are doing with Pika. (Would be cool to see Pika build in a link blogging like format along with their regular and title-less posts.)

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