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30 September 2023 newsletters albums music

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Hey there, welcome back to the sixth edition of sonic vibrations, where we run through the album releases worth checking out this week. This is the first edition that is no longer being published on foofaraw and I’m still figuring out what I want to do newsletter-wise. If you’re someone who enjoyed getting this (and streaming variability) in your inbox, let me know, otherwise it might just live here permanently. This is also the first edition where I didn’t put in the tedious work to get the Songwhip links for each album, instead, everything is Apple Music. Again, if you found the Songwhip links useful, let me know, otherwise, I won’t waste my time with it.

Music-wise, it’s a pretty great week of releases. Three different albums really hit for me, two others are from some pretty big acts and then there’s tons of interesting albums that I haven’t had a chance to get through completely yet. Let’s go.


We Buy Diabetic Test Strips by Armand Hammer

It’s rare that I get super excited for a hip-hop or rap album so when one does come up, I feel like I have to recognize it. Billy woods is one of my favorite rappers at the moment and it feels like he has been quite prolific as of late, especially when he is working with E L U C I D. Definitely worth a listen if you’ve fallen off rap over the last ten years due to the way it’s evolved.


Freak Scene by Pacifica

Any other week this might’ve notched it. Really dig this indie rock vibe with steady drums and raw guitars under pretty catchy and tight, but still slightly raspy vocals from this female duo alternative rock band.

Yard by Slow Pulp

Another indie alternative band, this one with a bit more mellow vibe and groovy.


For both of these, you either dig the band or you don’t.

Isn’t It Now? by Animal Collective

Cousin by Wilco


Some more indie rock jams.

Sorry Like You Mean It by HONEYMOAN

I Don’t Want You Anymore by Cherry Glazerr

Kimosabé by DOPE LEMON

Sit Down for Dinner by Blonde Redhead

Growing in Strange Places by Thank You, I’m Sorry

Silver by Say She She


Lastly, we have some electronic and some non-English albums to round out the week.

Again by Oneohtrix Point Never

no public sounds by Ohzora Kimishima

Ahora by Melenas


Mrs. Postman by Black Pumas

Born to Lose - EP by Will Joseph Cook

WJC had my album of the year last year and while this is fun, it doesn’t get anywhere close to last years full length.

🔚 That’s a Wrap

Well, that’s all folks. Let me know what you end up checking out / digging and if there’s anything out that I missed.

Stay sane,


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