📓 A Journal / Travel Guide / Scrapbook of Seattle (Idea)

7 September 2023 notebooks

Now that we are officially on our way to moving from Seattle to Napa next month, I’ve been reflecting on the three years we spent here. While it was a fun time, Seattle never truly felt like home—it never gave me the feeling I get when walking around Chicago or San Francisco. Napa may end up being similar, especially given the limited amount of time we’ve spent there so far (less than a full day), before signing a lease. Either way, I’m excited.

More to the point…

Back in the day, I used to keep a Field Notes notebook as a daily log, but I’d also keep a notebook for each vacation we took, writing out the itinerary for the trip at the beginning, and then tracking all the places we went to and all the things we did throughout the pages. I have one dedicated to a trip we took to Seattle in 2018, and also books for New Orleans, San Francisco, Paris, and various other places.

So as I’m reflecting over the time spent here, I was thinking about filling up one (or more) Field Notes notebooks that would chronicle my time here, but also serve as a travel guide for the places, restaurants, bars, etc. that are worth checking out and then scanning into a PDF to share.

The goal would be to end up with something like Kristoffer’s or José Naranja’s notebooks. Albeit, mine will be much less nice looking.

At this point, my track record on following through on things like this is pretty rough (my zine took a backseat to life…), but either way, it felt like a fun idea that I have already started roughly planning out.

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