🥽 A Simpler, Lightweight v1

5 June 2023 apple tech

Watching Apple introduce the Vision Pro during WWDC, the main thought going through my head was:

They went too far with the v1.

$3,500 plus what I’m assuming would be at least another $500 for lenses (which, I think I could probably get away without given I can read pretty well up-close without glasses today). That’s a lot.

During the demo, Apple showed how you could use the goggles with a MacBook, allowing you to bring your Mac desktop and individual apps into your vision—those apps likely don’t run as well as the on-board apps, but I still think that’s all the v1 should be doing. Allowing you to interact with you Mac, iPhone, iPad, and TV apps in a spatial way. Reduce as much of the computing from the goggles as possible and make those other devices a requirement to actually run the bulk of the processing. Maybe that’s not possible, but the size, the wire, and the creepy EyeSight are pretty off-putting to me and while I think there was a lot of cool stuff shown, the combination of size and cost is going to turn a lot of potential people, or at least me, away from pulling the trigger.

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