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21 June 2023 movies trailers

Kraken the Hunter

I rolled my eyes at the idea of this movie. And I still have that general mood about it, but it doesn’t look terrible..?


I still haven’t seen Bones & All yet, and I’m probably less interested in this one. But there’s something about Luca Guadagnino that has me feeling like I need to check it out.

They Cloned Tyrone

This looks amazing. Feels like a mix of Sorry to Bother You and John Dies at the End. Jamie Fox alongside a relatively less experienced, but still killer, cast.

The Adults

A Michael Cera indie movie right out of the early aughts.

Priscilla — Teaser

Sofia Coppola writing and directing a biopic about Priscilla Presley for A24. Hitting a lot of checkboxes there; hopefully it can deliver.

Three Body Problem — Teaser

I’ll be keeping this feature focused on movies (peep the newsletter for all things TV), but wanted to drop this in at the end. I read the first book and really enjoyed it, but struggled to see how it could be turned into a show. Watching this, I feel like I barely remember anything from the book… (not the trailers fault, just my poor memory.)


These are older trailers you’ve likely perused already, but they’ve been sitting in my drafts forever and I needed to send them on their way.

Poor Things

Always excited for new stuff from Yorgos Lanthimos and this one looks like it will continue his streak of delivering weirdness. Probably won’t be quite as mainstream as The Favourite, but could exceed it critically.


A weird one from A24. I know nothing about Julio Torres (he’s one of the creators of the much beloved Los Espookys and was an SNL writer for five-ish years), but it’s exciting to see him coming out swinging as a writer/director/star in his first movie alongside Tilda Swinton, no less.

John Early: Now More Than Ever

Just heard about this on How Long Gone, and I always love when people play around with the stand-up concept. And this is already out on Max to boot.

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