11 June 2023 link politics

🗯️ Why the 2020s Will Be Known for Anger — Air Mail

If I may offer some sweeping oversimplifications: the 1950s had complacency; the 1960s, love; the 1970s, self-love; the 1980s, greed; and so on. With anger now the defining emotion of our own times, and in splenetic tribute to the previous century’s Roaring 20s, I suggest we dub the current decade the Raging 20s.

Too soon, you demur, since we are only three years in? Maybe. And maybe the 2024 presidential election will be decided by high-minded debates over policy issues, and maybe several hundred million guns will disappear from the country, and Jim Jordan will develop an inside voice, and Karen” will become just another name, and Mr. Rogers will return from the dead.

Bit of a sucker for this kind of essay that does a good job of summarizing the current moment.

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