📹 Lord of the Rings by Wes Anderson Trailer — The Whimsical Fellowship

11 May 2023 📹 🎥

Just pure delight.

I don’t love the emergence of A.I. when it comes to areas of creativity1, but it’s really hard not to love all of this. Obviously the Wes Anderson style” has emerged as a meme to an extreme point as of late. I’ve been seeing more and more people on Instagram make Wes Andersen inspired videos—and honestly, a lot of them are better than this—but none of them are at the scale seen in this video, which, if made in real life or CGI, would require a giant budget.

And obviously the casting is superb here. Owen Wilson as Sauron is just… wow.

via: Kottke.org

  1. mostly in regards to areas where people, or more importantly, businesses, are looking to profit and replace jobs. Please have at it if you want to create wacky things and release them to the public for free like this video.↩︎

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