📱 Pagi - an app for morning pages

10 March 2023 📱

I’ve been meaning to link to this new app for awhile now. Pagi is a simple, purpose-built app for writing morning pages (although it’s great as a regular old text editor too) and made by a friend of mine.

Think of a stripped down iA Writer, but with a few design details made with morning pages in mind. Specifically, the ability to turn off spell-check, a progress bar across the bottom to show how close you are to your word count goal with a hidden timer that pops up once you reach it, and then, my favorite, when you open Pagi the next day, it will prompt you to wipe the slate clean1 (or save) so you can get started with the next days morning pages. Oh! And custom themes!

Pagi is also another example of some of the ridiculous trouble of trying to get an app approved on the App Store. Luckily, that post got circulated enough to where Apple finally came to their senses and approved it a day after it was posted.

It’s available now for both Mac and iPad as a universal $10 purchase2.

Quick Update: Figured I should mention Lucas, the developer, who can be found at @lucas on Mastodon. And I think he’d agree that if you already have iA Writer and have no interest at all in Morning Pages, this might not be an app for you, but if you don’t have iA and/or have some interest in the practice of Morning Pages, it’s absolutely the best option for it and as a non-subscription app that will be supported for years, it’s hard to beat.

  1. I’m personally a proponent of never saving and trying to manage morning pages. Get the thoughts out of your head and then let them go. Important notes should go elsewhere.↩︎

  2. I’ve been nudging to add iPhone support as well 😝↩︎

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