🗞️ nonsense. - a single page print-only zine

21 March 2023 zines

I’m going to be honest, this is a bit of an experiment. The first issue is printed and ready to ship although it is a very simple, single page, z-fold zine and it will most likely be black and white be in color. If I somehow get more orders than expected in the first couple days, I should be able to print color on nicer paper without losing too much money, but expect black and white. Update: didn’t get too many orders, but enough to convince myself to get it printed in color anyways.

US only, unfortunately, since this mini-zine, nonsense.” will only ever be made available in print, never digital.

Our April edition is mostly focused on giving a heads up on the comics, movies, tv shows, and albums coming out in April with a tiny bit extra. It’s very simple, but (hopefully) we can do more in future issues (and with better quality printing 🤞).

Let’s see how this goes…

Update 2: nonsense. issue one has sold out

For those curious, a breakdown of the costs as I have it set-up:

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