🧠 Brainstorming: foofaraw zine

10 March 2023 🧠 📰

I’ve mentioned this idea on and off for awhile now, but I really want to figure out how I can publish a zine with contributions from others. So after looking at the pay rates of some short fiction sci-fi magazines, I figured if I was willing to spend about $500 of my own money (even if I know I’ll make none of it back), I’d be able to get close to those rates and put something together…

I’m still in a brainstorming phase and not yet fully committed to the lighting my money on fire” stage, but I’m close… The biggest obstacle at this point is finding people who actually want to make stuff and contribute at my lousy pay rates.

If you create things and might be interested in contributing (or know someone who might be), try to let me know. I’m open to all sorts of things:

If you don’t create things, but might be interested in reading, also try to let me know.

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