📺 A Quiet Holiday - Streaming Variability 012

28 November 2022 📺 📧

Didn’t watch much… drank too much

Old Stuff

So I didn’t actually watch any TV over the last ten days besides the first two episodes of Sex Lives of College Girls from Season One as I attempted to catch up with my wife… I’ve failed you and for that I apologize.

For those confused, this is my newsletter Streaming Variability that I’ve decided to cross-post here as well moving forward. So if you’re reading this, you can stick around to keep seeing this every Monday, but if you want it in your inbox, you can get it through that link.

New Stuff

Three new shows kicking off this week! Only one of which probably deserves to be in our tracking list. I’ll save that for last.

First up, Willow based on and continuing the story from the 80’s movie by the same name (that I never saw) starring Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer from George Lucas and Ron Howard. Warwick returns as the titular Willow in what looks like a YA Sci-Fi series that, if Disney spent the money, could still be decent…

Then we have Irreverent, a Peacock show (which is never a good lead-in) about a criminal from Chicago who runs off to Australia, impersonating a reverend, to lay low.

Lastly, our feature presentation, Season Two of Slow Horses. If you haven’t seen the first season, you have five days to knock out the six episodes, which will fly by for you because it’s great. The first season also came out this year, and currently it’s just missing my top ten (sitting at 12), behind some absolutely excellent shows. Hoping for more of the same from Season Two.

The Schedule


Welcome to Chippendales (Hulu) 1:3


Willow (Disney) 1:1-2

Irreverent (Peacock) S1


Fleishman is in Trouble (Hulu) 1:4

The Sex Lives of College Girls (HBO) 2:5-6


Mythic Quest (Apple) 3:5

Slow Horses (Apple) 2:1-2


The White Lotus (HBO) 2:6

Rick & Morty (Adult Swim) 6:9

The Tulsa King (Paramount) 1:4

Yellowstone (Paramount) 5:5


Since this was short, I figured I’d leave some links to some Letterboxd reviews since I did happen to catch three movies over the weekend.

See How They Run

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Confess, Fletch


Stay sane

the credits

The 2022 Calendar Database

upcoming important releases
current 2022 top ten
  1. Barry S3 (HBO)
  2. Severance S1 (Apple TV)
  3. The Bear S1 (Hulu)
  4. Reservation Dogs S2 (Hulu)
  5. Bad Sisters S1 (Apple TV)
  6. The Sandman S1 (Netflix)
  7. Hacks S2 (HBO)
  8. The Boys S3 (Amazon)
  9. Winning Time S1 (HBO)
  10. Mo S1 (Netflix)

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