🚰 Sparkling Water Blind Taste Test v2

November 14, 2022 🚰 🧪

Back in October 2020 I did my first blind taste test of three sparkling waters (results below) and then again in July 2021 I did a second test, wrote down the results, and then never posted it… Today I started to think it was time to revisit the topic and do another round.

I’m considering either putting the losers to a test to see how Perrier fairs against San Pellegrino or introducing some new contenders into the mix. I listed out a few below, but if there are any good Sparkling Waters you think should be included, let me know.

So far, Topo Chico has reigned supreme.

And to be clear, these are all unflavored sparkling waters in the Seltzer, Club Soda, or Mineral Water categories…

Second Test:

  1. Topo Chico
  2. Perrier
  3. La Croix

First Test:

  1. Topo Chico
  2. Mountain Valley
  3. San Pellegrino

Potential Contenders: