📺 Cabinet of Curiosities Episodes, ranked

1 November 2022 tv rankings

  1. The Viewing (Episode 7)
  2. Pickman’s Model (Episode 5)
  3. Lot 36 (Episode 1)
  4. The Autopsy (Episode 3)
  5. The Outside (Episode 4)
  6. Dreams in the Witch House (Episode 6)
  7. The Murmuring (Episode 8)
  8. Graveyard Rats (Episode 2)

The Viewing and Pickman’s Model stood out heads and shoulders above the rest, imo. They were both really great.

The Lot 36, The Autopsy, and The Outside were all fun and enjoyable with some pretty great performances.

The next three were mostly meh’ for me although I really disliked Graveyard Rats.

I’m a big fan of anthologies and ranked the episodes from The Ballad of Buster Scruggs previously.

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