💽 a humdrum life mixtape

22 November 2022 music mixtape

Welcome to my magnum opus of playlists!

I present to you a mixtape I put together over the last month that essentially represents my life. Every song here is associated to either a specific memory, moment, or feeling throughout the course of my life. Listening through it should give a clear view into my musical taste as well as sense of who I am (since music was such a big part of my life growing up).

My goal was to keep it to 100 songs and I tried my best not to go overboard on certain bands like The Beatles or blink-182 (but I couldn’t help myself) and some of my favorite bands/artists like Tom Petty and Pink Floyd just missed the cut. Unfortunately, do to some individuals being terrible people, I decided to leave some songs that were critical to my taste in music, especially hip-hop.

While it’s not perfect, I spent a good deal of time on sequencing these songs in a manner that hopefully flows well and makes sense thematically as you go through it.

So without further ado, a humdrum life:

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