🎏 The Summer of Stream Begins

28 July 2022 tv

We are about to have a month of big, expensive, tentpole shows premiering and I’m a teensy bit excited.

Paper Girls 7/29 (Amazon)

Based on the comic series by Brian K Vaughn (Saga, Y: The Last Man) and Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman, Catwoman: Lonely City). If Stranger Things is 80’s dark fantasy, Paper Girls is 80’s neon sci-fi. I hope it lives up to the comic.

The Sandman 8/5 (Netflix)

Neil Gaiman. Sandman. Do I really need to say more. A bit worried this is Netflix and not HBO (or Apple), but Gaiman and David Goyer are involved so I’m holding out hope. The trailer was solid too (I’ve only read ~20 issues, but am more than ready to get through more issues).

She-Hulk 8/17 (Disney)

Less convinced about this one… and Marvel exhaustion is kicking in… Just don’t know how I feel about a show with all of the green CGI. Can’t get over how fake it looks. However… I’m in for a show about a lawyer in a world of super hero’s.

House of the Dragon 8/21 (HBO)

Biggest thing on TV since the last season of Thrones, which, while I didn’t love the seasons once they went off-book, is still better than most people give it credit for.

Andor 8/31 (Disney)

Don’t really know much about what this is actually about besides Cassian Andor, but it feels like it could be big and at least exceed what Fett and Obi did.

The Rings of Power 9/2 (Amazon)

And here is the biggest bet of them all. Amazon wanted their own Thrones and threw all of the money at LoTR. Haven’t watched any trailers yet (I’m assuming they exist), and despite my better judgement, am pretty excited for this one as well.

This is not to mention Ted Lasso’s final season is out there without a release date, but was supposed to be Summer 2022. And Prey (which looks awesome) from director Dan Trachtenberg is skipping theaters (a bit disappointed by that) and dropping directly on Hulu, August 6th, alongside Bullet Train (in theaters).

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