📺 Early Review of Paper Girls (E:1+2)

30 July 2022 📺

We made our way through the first two episodes of Paper Girls last night (full season is up on Amazon Prime) and I feel very, very good about it so far.

In The Summer of Stream Begins, I wrote:

If Stranger Things is 80’s dark fantasy, Paper Girls is 80’s neon sci-fi. And so far, I feel like they are living up to that moniker.

While it’s taking it’s time before showing it’s true colors (trust me it’ll get there), they are doing a great job of taking the viewer for a ride as things slowly unfold for our characters.

The four leads match up so nicely with the characters in the comic and Ali Wong! Plus it just feels like the money is on the screen to match the vibe of the comic, which is the opposite of what I felt watching the first two episodes of Sweet Tooth (which I have yet to go back to…)

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