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30 December 2021

So I once again restructured how my RSS feeds work here… it’s probably a bit confusing…

There is the post feed, which contains all non-micro posts (this feeds to micro.blog).

Then there is the high-level micro feed, which contains only a select few micro posts (where I have to make the conscious decision to tag them with 👽), this also feeds to micro.blog.

Lastly, the full feed has everything the two above have, but also every micro post—this does not go to micro.blog.

The idea here is to find away to allow myself to write more freely without worrying about flooding a feed somewhere else. Previously I set-up a tag ❎” in order to prevent specific microposts from going to micro.blog. The big change here is reversing the default. Instead of making a conscious decision to tag something ❎” to prevent it from going to micro.blog, now nothing goes to micro.blog unless specifically tagged with 👽.

If you subscribe to the full feed, you are essentially signing up for it and allowing the floodgates to be opened on your own terms—although I haven’t been very vocal lately. Rational being, I figure some people might not want any micro posts, hence the post feed, and those that do, will probably want everything. So the high-level micro feed is really only designed to feed micro.blog with the occasional fleeting though that I specifically want to reach micro.blog.

This is probably mostly nonsense and irrelevant to most people, but if you are seeing this and do keep up with me, hopefully it provides a little bit of clarity.

Lastly, I’m trying to get back to my newsletter again and the best place to keep up with me on a regular basis is my Kinopio journals, which this page will always serve up the current days space, embedded for easy access.

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