🎵 Phish Halloween Eve Show - Live Weblog

October 30, 2021 🕸 🎵

Whelp, the Bulls won and now it’s time for couch tour. Moved all of my Sonos speakers into one room. Having a bit of connectivity issues though so we will see how long that lasts.

20:12 - Kicking off with The Dogs and Bruce Wayne is going crazy looking for where all the barking is coming from.

20:13 - Don’t think I’ve actually heard this song before.

20:13 - Keeping this one from hitting the RSS feed because I don’t know if I’ll actually have much to say. Excited to just chill out and drink some beer with live music, albeit from my couch.

20:19 - Gave up on the extra three Roams. They kept going in and out. Live streaming, plus all of those trying to sync audio over WiFi must just be too much.

20:19 - On to Ocelot. Like this jam.

20:28 - Turtle in the Clouds. Another new one for me. Cool to see Page and then Fishman sing to open the song.

20:28 - All four get to sing on this track!

20:32 - Ocelot has been better, but really enjoying this turtle in the clouds a lot.

20:45 - Not a big Run Like an Antelope fan… on to Camel Walk.

20:50 - Time for Wombat. Animal theme tonight it seems. Last song was just alright.

21:10 - This Guyute has been a real jam.

21:11 - Big Black Furry Creatures From Mars… that sure is a song title.

21:12 - Both heavy and ridiculous at the same time. Marvelous.

21:12 - Whyyyyyyyyyy

21:16 - Drinking a beer called Mauled by Bunnies so it’s safe to say I’m all in on the animal theme tonight.

21:18 - Shaggy Dog -> Dog Faced Boy

21:20 - Giving one of the Roams ago again. Seems to be working a little better. Have my regular tv stereo setup and then the roam by me to emphasize a little bit more since the two side stereo speakers are more ambient. Envelope me in your noise.

21:22 - The Sloth. Off to a fun jammy start.

21:24 - Not much really happening with the sloth and ended pretty quickly. On to a very uptempo Lllama.l

21:26 - Big organ jam.

21:30 - Loving this _Llama_right now.

21:30 - I Am The Walrus time. Yes please.

21:37 - Time to get trippy


21:40 - First set was tons of fun. Stand outs for me were: Llama, Turtle in the Clouds, Guyute, Big Black Furry Creatures from Mars, and I am the Walrus.

22:17 - More dog songs with Dogs Stole Things to start the second set. Pretty fun jam so far.

22:26 - I thought this Your Pet Cat was going to be stupid, but it has ended up being a jam.

22:28 - There is definitely something that’s electric about live music that doesn’t come through even on a couch tour. I’d still much rather hear live recordings than studio albums (for good bands), but it just courses through your body when you are there live.

22:34 - On to Runaway Jim - doesn’t sound like an animal…

22:35 - It’s about a dog named Jim… I think I knew that. I’ve definitely heard this one before.

22:38 - Probably not going to finish up here for the rest of the show. Ready to pass out and just want to enjoy the last thirty before crashing. Good night folks.

22:45 - Piper

22:54 - Birds of a Feather

23:03 - Harpua

23:19 - Trey just went on a long story and it was very much over my head. But he did reference the numbers from Thursday and the animals tonight.

23:23 - Bug. Already feeling like a lovely jam. And we are only seven seconds in.

23:29 - The Lizards

23:43 - Farmhouse is a truly beautiful song and a great way to wrap the animal night. Feels super late already, curious what they will do for an encore.


23:50 - Vultures

23:56 - Sleeping Monkey

23:58 - Drum solo at the end of Vultures was fun, but you can tell it’s not Fishman’s strong suit.

00:03 - Pretty sure there was a little Let It Be to end Sleeping Monkey leading to what I’m figuring is the last song of the encore, Possum.