🏀 Chicago Bulls v Utah Jazz - Live Weblog

30 October 2021 🕸 🏀

Alright, let’s see if I remember how to do these live blogs. Game is already two minutes in and with the PatWil injury (most likely out for the season), JaVonte Green gets the start at the 4 tonight.

17:17 - Getting some nice movement and open shots early. Just not knocking them down. Also, no idea how the Bulls are going to rebound. They got crushed against NYK, it’s only going to be worse tonight. Looks like these posts are super condensed after the changes I made last night too…

17:24 - Conley is out for the Jazz too tonight.

17:24 - Lonzo has knocked down a couple shots early and Bulls are cutting well and finding each other for easy buckets.

17:34 - Beautiful little bank shot from Lonzo on the steal -> slow break.

17:35 - Ball’s hands are everywhere and he continues to push and put the pressure on. He might be my favorite Bull right now.

17:36 - Derrick Jones Jr. seeing his first clock of the season I think today. Gets an easy dunk from a DeRozan drive and drop-off.

17:37 - It’s a team effort to keep Gobert off the glass and he is still grabbing o-boards. Bulls did a good job collapsing to keep him from getting a shot up though.

Bulls 25-24 Jazz

17:40 - Just tested the live refresh and it still works. Woot.

17:42 - Ayo knocking down a three on a DeRozan dish to start off the second.

17:44 - Bulls know they are going to have to fight to deter Gobert and they are doing a good job so far. It’s all about sustaining that effort for 48 though.

17:45 - SWEEEEET behind the back crossover by DeRozan on Clarkson and he converts with the jumper to be the first player in double digits.

17:48 - Secondary transition finds Lonzo with a clear path to put the Bulls up 9.

17:51 - Nice block by Jones Jr. on Ingles after getting beat. They are going to need his energy and defense a lot this season with PatWil out.

17:52 - Starters coming back in for the Jazz (Gobert heading to the bench though) as the Bulls are up 11.

17:52 - Bulls always seem to have two sets of hands around whenever the ball is in the paint. It’s lovely.

17:57 - I like what I’m seeing from Ayo even if he isn’t quite finishing and a bit skittish at times. He’s making the right decisions, and when he’s decisive, he’s getting chances.

17:59 - LaVine getting himself to the line, but it was a bit too much dribbling in isolation for my liking.

18:00 - I feel like LaVine is forcing his shot a bit too much. He had to do it last year and was successful, but he shouldn’t have to this year with Lonzo and DeMar. We should see more ball movement and opportunity for better shots.

18:01 - Been liking LaVine’s effort on D though.

18:02 - DeMar and Lonzo back in, back to the starters for the Bulls to close out the half.

18:05 - Ingles three after LaVine got spun around cuts the lead to 1… and now a quick, bad turnover, giving the Jazz a shot to take the lead…

18:07 - Tie ball game with two minutes to go in the half.

18:09 - Jazz take a one point lead on some Mitchell free throws…

Bulls 54-57 Jazz

18:25 - Lonzo, DeRozan, and LaVine all in double digits already through the first half.

18:28 - Just watching the box score now as I wait for my food across the street…

18:36 - Feels like I’m never going to get my dinner, but at least the Bulls have tied it up…

18:40 - Thought halftime was going to be enough time but apparently I’m going to miss the whole third quarter. 🤦‍♂️

18:43 - Guess a food truck outside a brewery on a Saturday night the day before Halloween was a poor decision. Should’ve DoorDash’d it…

18:44 - This crunchy garlic chicken better be worth it.

18:45 - I guess this is a food love blog now. Just me and a lady doing figure eights with her stroller waiting outside the truck. A bit colder than I’d like it to be.

18:46 - I think my food is next. Fingers crossed.

18:48 - Let’s go!!

18:52 - Made it back for the last minute of the quarter, Bulls up 4.

18:54 - Chicken is solid. Could use a little bit more sauce though.

18:54 - Alright, that concludes the food blog portion of tonight’s entertainment.

Bulls 79-72 Jazz

18:58 - Beautiful ball movement. Love Ayo’s aggressiveness.

19:02 - Another big block from Derrick Jones Jr. on Gobert and he is rewarded with a feed from AC for the wide open fast break dunk. Loving what I’m seeing from Jones tonight.

19:05 - AC just took Gobert to the rim and finished with a beautiful reverse. Bulls up 8.

19:06 - Up 14!

19:08 - Donavan Mitchell gettin’ T’d up

19:10 - LaVine finding his shot! Things are looking niiiice. Get the sriracha out!

19:12 - Active hands. That’s the motto for the Bulls this year.

19:13 - Lonzo to LaVine oop!!!

19:13 - OOOOOOOOOoooooo LaVine getting fancy with the handles to weave into the lane and bring his total to 26.

19:14 - BAD pass by Lonzo. Just threw it right to the Jazz there. Up 13 with 5:30 to go.

19:14 - Jazz give it right back to Lonzo, haha.

19:18 - Two FTs from Vuc bring the lead back to ten.

19:23 - Bogdonavic cuts it to 5 with a three. 2 to go…

19:24 - DeRozan gets his first thirty point game with the Bulls. The Bulls need a little bit more ball movement in their offense and the sets need to get DeRozan to his spots. He’s so good at the elbow or baseline j’s, but the last set they ran put him straight on beyond the free throw line.

19:25 - Vuc! Another big three late just like vs NYK.

19:26 - Vuc again! Took it right at Gobert this time to put the Bulls up 8 with a minute left.

19:29 - Da Bulls!!!

Bulls 107-99 Jazz

19:32 - Fun game. Bummed I missed Q3, but the Bulls really got going in the fourth. LaVine got into rhythm, Lonzo was super active, and Vuc started to find it in the last three minutes. Bulls make sure the Jazz are no longer undefeated and go 5-1 on the season. Proving they can beat team better than NOLA and Detroit.

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