🌈 A Cool Tool: Kinopio

June 22, 2021

Back in March, I started toying around with Kinopio. It’s a spatial note-taking // mind-mapping type of tool and it’s an absolute joy to use.

It has a level of whimsy that most tools just don’t have. The aesthetic is a bit cutesy, which typically would be a turn-off for me, but the whole package just comes together so great and the aesthetic just feels like a natural fit for the tool. It’s more than grown on me, I completely adore it now.

Pirijan, the creator and also one of the creators of Glitch (I believe), is super responsive to users and has been working on updates non-stop lately (or so it seems). They’ve started taking a look at how to grow the user base a bit, so I figured I’d do my part and just throw this little post out into the ether to support one of my favorite digital tools.

This is a little space I made on Kinopio as a kind of Central Hub of all my stuff around the internet. From here you can poke around a little bit to get a better feel for everything it has to offer.

Give it a shot, because chances are, if you are reading this, the tool might tickle your fancy as well.