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6 May 2021 ⚾️

One thing I love about cricket is they explore and change the format every so often. There’s still the test cricket devotees, but there’s also One Day and T20, and England has the 100s coming soon (I think that’s still a thing?)1

We need to take some of those lessons with our major sport leagues in the US and fix things when they aren’t working. Hello, Elam Ending for basketball??

With baseball I have one major gripe: the length.

So let’s fix that:

  1. No more extra innings (in the regular season;) there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a tie
  2. Reduce all games to 7 innings2
  3. Less games. I don’t know the number, but both baseball and basketball have too many games, which reduces the meaning of each individual game.
  4. That’s it! I would like to see more small ball, where people aren’t just going for HRs or striking out all the time (cough Cubs cough,) but I don’t have a good solution for that yet

  1. I don’t actually know much about the history of cricket and if these are recent format changes or if they’ve always been around in some form or fashion, but they seem new to me… 🤷‍♂️↩︎

  2. no stretching required!↩︎

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