🐛 Join Me and Draw a Grub

12 May 2021 🐛

I’ve been drawing Grubs, a little character I made, since Dec 2014. It took me about 400 days to fill out a grid of 256, which I detailed a little bit here.

Over the years since, I’ve drawn them on and off, either in random notebooks or on my iPad. At this point I’m well over 400, not including ones lost to old notebooks. Recently, I’ve decided to challenge myself to draw one a day again and have been using a Futureland Journal to post them for the last 40 or so days.

What I’d really love is to have a little collection of Grubs drawn by other people. So I invite you to try. Doesn’t matter if you are an artist or not, I sure as hell am not. It can be a stick figure or a curved line for all I care, but I’d love to see you play around with it, reinterpret it, and just draw something inspired by or along the lines of my Grub.

If you want to participate, you can respond on micro.blog or email a picture to me at and let me know how you want to be attributed. When I have a few, I’ll publish them somewhere like Multiverse or in a Raindrop collection.

Below are a few examples to help inspire.

The Original Grub Drawing

The New Standard Grub

Digital Shape Grub

Darth Grubber

Feels weird writing this, but I’m not selling anything or making anything off of this (or paying for that matter) just selfishly thought it’d be cool to have a community project of amateur drawings of my Grub.

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