🧳 Introducing: The Weekly Variable

8 March 2021 newsletters

Or maybe it would be more accurate to say Reintroducing” since we’ve been here once before.

Either way, I’m officially kicking off season one of my newsletter, The Weekly Variable starting March 15th.

The Weekly Variable has actually been in beta for the last four weeks. I kept it under wraps to make sure I could get ahead and find a rhythm before going ahead and really committing to it. Only those who kept a close eye or who had subscribed during the prehistoric times were able to follow along. The archives are fully available here if you want an idea of how the four week beta went.

Although it’s been a short period of time, the newsletter has morphed quite a bit. Following Craig Mod’s huh, I’ve added a Wednesday e-mail of just a simple photo. Then there is the even newer Friday e-mail, which will be behind a paywall, and is less structured at this point in time. The paywall is mostly there to keep it private and only visible to people who are truly interested, because in all honesty, it won’t be great (or even good). The goal is to be a bit more experimental and do some weird/different things like poorly written and not thought out fiction, shitty little four panel comics, more haiku’s that don’t make sense, satire, and alternate dimensionality to shower down through the interwebs of complete and utter nonsense. I’m hoping I might be able to help cover the costs of TIV from a couple folks who might like what I do here.

All three e-mails will be weekly and follow a seasonal schedule of 8 weeks on and a week off, with the occasional holiday — holiday weeks will still have an in-season” Friday e-mail to fulfill our holy contract (off-season/break week will not), but it may take a different form or shape depending on my mood.

If you want to support The Independent Variable and The Weekly Variable, subscribing at $4/month or $40/year is the best way to do so. Think of it as $1/week (although with built in breaks, you’ll get less than that… and it’s not worth the $1 to begin with anyways and they’ll be short — you’ve been warned.)


Edition Day Description Cost
The Weekly Variable Monday The flagship offering; expect a weekly column, some links from around the web, and a mixtape playlist (available on Apple Music and Spotify.) Free
Poof Wednesday A simple photograph e-mail a la Craig Mod’s huh Free
Unnamed Friday Experimental and everchanging; expect a monthly comic, a monthly episode of a piece of fiction, and some other undelightful and probably oddball things TBD Premium


P.S. if you are interested in The Weekly Variable, but not Poof, (or vice versa) just reply to the first issue you receive and let me know which you don’t want to receive

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