🎙 I Thought I Was Going to Die’: A Capitol Police Officer Recounts Jan. 6 — The Daily

10 March 2021 podcasts politics blm️


This was a really great episode of The Daily, and this ~minute clip above struck a chord with me as I was listening to it.

It speaks to a lot of the discussion around our society and policing today. How people perceive what’s going on and how people in the thick of it respond to what they have to deal with on a pretty regular basis. It’s not easy; it’s a job where you are put in some of the most difficult positions imaginable. The event that occurred on January 6th showed the gamut of ways people put in the situation the Capitol police were in can respond. From fearing for your life, but resisting the use of unnecessary force and leading mobs away from those you’ve sworn to protect to taking selfies with those same people who are threatening the lives of your colleagues.

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