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8 March 2021 🏀 🎙

I’ve been a huge fan of Jason Concepcion for awhile now and when I heard he was ending NBA Desktop and leaving The Ringer I got a little nervous. It turned out he was moving over to Crooked Media, which stemmed out of the Ringer podcast Keepin’ it 1600 and became Pod Save America, in order to become a host/contributor on sports and culture.

He is kicking off two projects next week with Crooked. First, Takeline, a podcast with Renne Montgomery (a two-time WNBA Champion, Atlanta Hawks studio analyst, activist, and most recently, a part owner of the Atlanta Dream). Takeline will be focused on the NBA and the world of sports and culture. It’ll be fun to see Jason do a podcast that isn’t Binge Mode or The Connect, which neither was really something I was glued to — although they have their fans, especially Binge Mode. I’m also looking forward to hearing from Montgomery, who in the world of podcasting, is new to me.

Second, is ALL CAPS NBA, a YouTube show, which is essentially his NBA Desktop replacement. It’s most likely going to have a smaller team at first and I expect a lower production quality, especially as it’s kicking off in a world that’s still socially distanced. It’ll be interesting to see if he can carry the same audience, or potentially even grow the show, away from The Ringer. NBA Desktop was one of the few must-watch YouTube videos for me and I’m excited for it to come back under new management.

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