🔗 Candace Parker Explains Basketball To Shaq | Defector

3 March 2021 link basketball


Lauren Theisen:

For a casual viewer, Wade and Parker’s breakdown of how Nikola Jokić wreaks havoc on defenses was maybe a bit tricky to follow (especially without any visual aids), but the way Shaq just dive-bombs in with weirdly basic questions, then gets moody and jealous when they’re answered, makes him the clear doltish villain of this interaction.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think viewers are tired of Shaq’s shit too. I was impressed with Channing Frye when he filled in for Kenny one night, and would love to see him, or better yet, Candace, take Shaq’s spot on Thursday nights.

He’s just become a cranky old man at this point with no respect for today’s players. I’m a huge 90’s era fan and ride for MJ over all else. I’m just as tired as many of the old guys of the three-and-free game we have today, but there’s no doubt skill and strategy are at an all-time high today. So sit your crank ass down, Shaq.

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