🎙 Couple Quick Podcast Takes

February 9, 2021 🎙

If Apple does launch a premium podcast subscription offering, it will not effect the directory that other apps rely on and they will not tamper with third-party (or every other podcast today) podcasts. It will be somewhat of a combination of what Spotify and Luminary offer. It’ll be $5/month and also included in Apple One with no price increase (currently $30/month). It will only give you access to premium podcasts exclusive to them a la Luminary’s offering or Joe Rogan and others on Spotify. I wouldn’t be surprised if they rely heavily on music and figure out a way to use their Apple One Radio offerings in a fashion more similar to podcasts, because it’s a mess to try and follow a show today.

Clubhouse isn’t going to kill podcasting. It’s not going anywhere in it’s current iteration, imo. The news of Mark Cuban getting behind a future competitor, Fireside, to launch later this year will inevitably force Clubhouse to adapt to the needs of podcasters at a much faster pace. Still, anything relying on Live” today has a very limited audience. People want on-demand everything. There also seems to be a high reliance on music, which will cause Clubhouse problems eventually.

Lastly, Spotify can go to hell.