🔗 Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing a new Superman film produced by J.J. Abrams

26 February 2021 🔗 🎥 🦸‍♂️


Ian Carlos Campbell:

It’s unknown at this point if this new Superman will be DC and Warner Media’s main version of the character going forward or more of an experimental side project like Joker and The Batman

This kind of thinking infuriates me. Fans, media, and studios over think this sort of thing way too much. Just make a good movie. That’s it. The main version” of DC movies have almost entirely sucked across the board.

When people try to overthink things for where it’ll be in five years it almost always sucks. Make something good today, then make something good tomorrow, and if you keep making things that are good, you can build it into something more.

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