🎙 The Argument - Relaunch

February 28, 2021 🎙 🏛


Should We Put the Filibuster Out of Its Misery?

That’s the title of the first episode, with host Jane Coaston pitting Ezra Klein (pro-killing-buster) versus Jessica Anderson (anti-killing-buster) in a rather insightful debate.

I have my own particular views on the issue, but I didn’t know about many of the potential remedies for eliminating the filibuster and alternative approaches to ensure lengthy debate while eliminating the power of the minority to kill bills they do not like.

Ultimately, I felt like Klein essentially had an answer to every point Anderson brought up, despite getting a bit too cocky at points in bringing up counterpoints that tried to veer around upcoming potholes in the debate.

The key thing that stood out to me was the arbitrariness of what requires 60 votes. Especially with the filibuster eliminated for federal judges and much of what both parties want getting passed through budget reconciliation now. It all seems a bit silly.