16 December 2020 🐜 🏀 🐂

Coby needs a tall PG next to him so he can play off-ball and still match up with the opposing teams smaller guard. Cade, PatWil, and WCj give you a sound defense to make up for Lauri’s lack of lateral quickness while Coby should be able to hold his own given his size. Essentially, Cade gets to be the Ben Simmons with four shooters around him (give WCj a chance people…), but most importantly, bye bye LaVine and Otto. It’s not a world stopper of a team, but Cade would make the individual pieces the Bulls do have fit together for once. You build the strong foundation with these five and go from there. It’s essentially a poor man’s 2000’s Pistons: Cade = Billups, Coby = Rip, PatWil = Prince, Lauri = Rasheed, and WCj = Big Ben.

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