đź”— The Conspiracy Museum

17 September 2020 đź”—


Robin Sloan:

Welcome, everyone. What an [insert weather comment] day to open a museum. Behind me [gesture behind self] is the Smithsonian Museum of American Conspiracy. Yes, it’s really there! I know it’s hard to see. The building is clad in the same light-bending mesh the Space Force uses for its stealth ships. There was a surplus. Lucky us. This is an art museum. That’s important. Not a history museum, and not, as the Post has suggested, the Smithsonian’s second zoo. [pause for ironic laughter] No, this new institution celebrates an art form. It’s a natural extension of the Smithsonian’s long-standing commitment to American folkways.

Really dug this way back but it’s has been sitting in my Drafts inbox forever…

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