🔗 Anthony Fauci Issues a New Coronavirus Plea

5 July 2020 link politics


💬 Amy Davidson Sorkin:

Lamar Alexander, of Tennessee, opened Tuesday’s hearing with an impassioned plea for mask wearing, which he credited with keeping him and others in his office healthy when one member of his staff tested positive. Alexander also cited Phillip Fullmer, the University of Tennessee’s athletic director, who said in a radio interview earlier this week that if you really, really want sports, football and all those things, then wear your mask and keep social distancing.” Alexander thought that this appeal would have some influence in his state. But the senator also said that many people in the country seem captive to the idea that if you’re for Trump, you don’t wear a mask; if you’re against Trump, you do.” Alexander said, somewhat wistfully, that he wished Trump would disown that notion. The President has plenty of admirers,” he said. They would follow his lead.” He has been leading them to a dangerous place. On Wednesday, as the pressure on him to reverse course on masks increased, Trump claimed to have nothing against them; even that concession was presented in terms of his own narcissism. I had a mask on,” he said. I sort of liked the way I looked.”

Just wear a fuckin’1 mask people.

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