📹 How IMAX Made Christopher Nolan a Better Filmmaker

16 July 2020 📹

I’ve only recently discovered Patrick H Willems, although I’m pretty sure I saw his What if Wes Anderson directed the X-Men video way back when. With that being said this is excellent.

This past New Years we did a Batman binge1 and when we watched Batman Begins I was shocked how offput I was by sooooo many close-ups. I thought it was just a sign of the times, or that my (self-taught through watching endless amounts of movies) film education was actually starting to pay dividends and I was noticing direction that wasn’t just Wes Anderson symmetry.

Willems puts into words, and video examples, what I was basically trying to say2 this pst New Years. And it’s all due to IMAX! I would’ve never actually been able to come to that conclusion3 on my own.

Anyways, if you haven’t watched one of Willems videos, it’s a quirky and stylish little film essay show that I’m beginning to really adore. Definitely watch this episode if anything above strikes your fancy.

  1. every holiday season, especially New Years Eve and New Years Day, we binge something long, like the Harry Potter movies one year.

  2. except he obviously did it waaaaaaay better and more precisely and accurately and just any positive adjective you want to add-on.

  3. maybe with another 20 years of watching movies though…

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