✖︎ Moving To Seattle

21 July 2020

So I’ll be moving to Seattle in a couple months, 2-3, give or take.

Unfortunately, it is not because I have a new job, but my significant other found herself a new, much better job, which she starts remotely this Thursday. Given our current situation it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make the jump and I couldn’t be more excited.

There is still a lot to sort out, the actual act of moving across the country, the selling of our crappy little condo, etc. I’d rather just get it all over with now and move right away, but having the couple months of buffer before having to get it complete is pretty nice.

With everything going on right now, there seem to be so many unknowns. Not to mention the fact I’m still looking for a gig, which seems even tougher when applying in a new city where I’m not actually located yet. I’ve been applying for what feels like forever now with little success to show for it.

Luckily, I know someone out there and he has started introducing me to others and I’ve started networking” a bit over Zoom. Getting to meet people, get a feel for their company, and have some potential references when applying feels like a big boost. I’ve gotten the chance to talk to people at Amazon, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Sonos, VC firms, and consultancy’s, but it still feels like landing a job is outside my reach at the moment.

While the last couple paragraphs may feel a bit negative, I am more than excited to start a new chapter out in Seattle. It’s been one of my favorite cities for a really long time (minus not having an NBA team), so getting to explore the city in it’s fullest while living there should be a blast.

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