🏀 Disney Bubbleball - an NBA Restart Live Weblog

30 July 2020 🏀 🦠

It’s the time I’ve been (impatiently) waiting for: the NBA returns tonight at 5:30 CST (3:30 PST, since I’m soon to be a west coaster) with the Pelicans facing off against the Jazz, fanless, in the Disney bubble. I’ll be live blogging both games tonight, and some tomorrow all in this post. As a reminder since it’s been awhile, this page will automagically reload and new updates will be at the top while we are live. Feel free to check in at any point over the next two days, let me know your thoughts on micro.blog or email, I’d love to include commentary from others here as well. Score breaks will be shown every quarter in case you aren’t able to watch live or don’t want to be spoiled. But for now, we wait the three hours until Bubbleball kicks off at the most magical place on earth. See you tonight.

17:06 - I didn’t start watching the pre-game show until about twenty minutes ago, but the fact Shaq was late to the first day back and they went live without him is hilarious.

17:17 - Ernie’s opening AllTogether clip was fantastic and moving.

17:33 - Time to strap in and get ready. Just poured myself Hodag, a DDH DIPA from Transient Artisan Ales and Saint Errant Brewing. Let’s do this.

17:45 - Happy to see everyone kneel. I never thought I’d get emotional during the anthem but when someone (couldn’t tell who) raised their fist in the air, it him me a bit.

17:46 - Starting lineups for Jazz v Pelicans as expected and Stan Van Gundy on the mic.


17:47 - NBA is back, baby!

17:48 - Gobert makes easy work of Favors to start things off.

17:49 - Gobert missed the free throw on the And-1, Zion came right back and got an And-1 plus the free throw in the other end.

17:53 - Zion getting his first rest after three minutes and getting called for a charge.

17:57 - Mitchell and Conley together is a pricing I’m really interested to watch and things have started out pretty well for them. They seem to be sharing it well, not pushing anything to hard. On the other hand, the Pels have been struggling since Zion left. Ingram doesn’t look like he is in the right mindset to get going yet.

18:04 - I guess Ingram heard me because he’s sitting in 7 straight points.

18:10 - Not a fan of Jrue pulling up for quick three’s. Just not his game. Luckily, Clarkson bailed him out by doing the same thing, even worse, on the other end.

18:14 - Crazy follow-up tip windmill dunk on the run from Jaxson Hayes…

18:15 - Reddick has been moving and passing exceptionally. Picks up the and-1 with a chance to take the lead from the line now.

18:15 - Ever since I called out Ingram, the Jazz have gone ice cold.

18:15 - This three minute thing with Zion is bullshit. Let the guy play.

Jazz 23-26 Pelicans

18:25 - The Ball ➡️ Zion oops are something to be reckoned with.

18:26 - Clarkson is (surprisingly) keeping the Jazz in this with Mitchell on the bench.

18:29 - #15 on the Jazz always has his body move NW (when facing the bucket) when he shoots. Messes with his shot a lot.

18:35 - Hart is super underrated. Brings a lot of heart, great defensively, and can get you a bucket.

18:44 - Jrue starting to get things going to give the Pels a 16 pt lead.

18:46 - Mitchell just blew a gimme finger roll… they don’t have enough guys firing to miss the bunnies.

Jazz 48-60 Pelicans

19:06 - Conley seemed like he had rhythm to start, but after the first three or so minutes he’s been all out of sorts.

19:17 - Jrue, Lonzo, JJ, Ingram, and Zion is truly the ultimate lineup got the Pelicans.

19:24 - Melli is basically a wasted body out there right now. Doesn’t really play D and hasn’t really been looking for his shot. When he has, it’s been fadeaway Js that aren’t his game.

19:31 - JJ 4 MVP

19:32 - He would miss a three right after I said that.

Jazz 79-87 Pelicans

19:45 - Didn’t even realize it, but it’s a two point game now…

19:47 - Even in congestion, Lonzo can receive, drop, receive, and kick out to a three point shooter, almost effortlessly.

19:47 - Even in congestion, Lonzo can receive, drop, receive, and kick out to a three point shooter, almost effortlessly.

19:48 - Crack in’ open a DDH Sabro Jus from Alarmist. 🍻

19:54 - Mitchell gives the Jazz their first lead since the first quarter and they have a chance to extend it now.

20:01 - Pels need some Zion to get this game back.

20:01 - Three from JJ to tie it at 102!!!

20:10 - Tie game. 6.9 seconds left. Gobert at the line.

20:13 - Gobert makes me both and Ingram misses the last second three.

Jazz 106-104 Pelicans

20:14 - Was really pulling for the Pelicans. I still think if Zion gets a chance in the last five minutes they could’ve pulled it off.

20:14 - Either way, it’s on to the next one!

Clippers vs Lakers

20:24 - Awayyy we gooo

20:32 - Super slow start in the LA matchup as these teams get their feet under them.

20:34 - JOAKIM NOAH!!! Love to see it!

20:42 - Two fouls for Kawhi in the first five minutes is a tough break for the Clippers especially given how many players they are already missing.

20:51 - Honestly, I’ve just been watching Noah this whole time…

Clippers 23-35 Lakers

21:22 - Behind Kawhi’s 11 this qtr, the Clips have inched closer, but still down 8 with 5 left in the half.

21:39 - Kawhi basically single handedly brought the Clippers within 2 to close out the half. Best player since MJ.

Clippers 52-54 Lakers

21:57 - Clippers with their first lead in the second minute of the second half 55-54.

22:14 - LeBron is 100% trying to coast his way through so far in Davis’ coattails.

Clippers 77-76 Lakers

22:38 - LeBron came to play in the fourth. Lockdown D on Marcus Morris, to knocking down a three on the other end.

22:41 - Lakers up 9 and AD back in due to Dwight foul trouble. It’s going to be a tough crawl back if the Clips have it in them.

23:07 - 3 from Paul George to tie it with 28 seconds left!!!

23:07 - LeBron puts the Lakers back up by 2 with 12 seconds left!!

23:10 - LeBron locks down Kawhi, forces him to give it up to PG, switches on to PG and forces a Hail Mary three. Lakers win.

Clippers 101-103 Lakers

23:14 - Both the teams I cheered for lost… at least they were close games…

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