🔗 Third Base | No Mercy / No Malice

5 July 2020 link


💬 Scott Galloway;

Not recognizing your blessings feeds into the dark side of capitalism and meritocracy: the notion that success is a choice, and that those who haven’t achieved success are not unlucky, but unworthy. This leads to regressive policies that further reward the perceived winners and punish the perceived losers based on income level. The most recent example of our belief that poor people are guilty: The US now has the fourth-lowest tax rate in the world, and billionaires have the lowest tax rate of any cohort.

I think about this a lot and have tried for years to instill this in the people around me. From friends and family, so often I see people who think they are where they are because of hard work. Ignoring the fact they are white men born to parents who make over the average salary and live in affluent areas, and have never had to question having necessities, let alone the nicer things in life. I don’t know really where I’m going with this and god knows I’m not perfect either, but hopefully I was able to break through to a few of those people in my past.

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