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21 June 2020 live blog soccer️

Currently an hour away from Everton vs Liverpool, and if I’ve done my math right, Liverpool are basically two wins away from securing the title. Getting the W today at Everton would be a great start to get them closer to that goal.

13:03 - And we’re off!

13:05 - Matip and Milner getting the start over Gomez and Robertson in the back. Keita in over Wijnaldum. Minamino over Salah.

13:05 - Richarlison with a quick run down the left and a left footed strike across the box rolls past the front of the goal.

13:10 - Everton seems to be moving the ball jnto the box a little more efficiently so far about 9’ in. Everton lacks the patience around the box to be effective, but they are keeping the pressure on.

13:11 - Minamino getting in on the action with a deep strike that goes a bit wide. Mane would’ve probably preferred some patience there.

13:12 - Some beautiful passing by Liverpool. Minamino to Firmino who back flips it to a passing Minamino who has a slight misstep entering the box.

13:13 - The pressure led to a free kick about twenty feet outside the box. Alexander-Arnold tried to lay it in but was too deep for any run to reach.

13:21 - Milner picks up a yellow card as he knocks down Richarlison at the sideline near midfield.

13:24 - Water break at 23’. Been a bit of a quiet game so far. A couple small chances, but nothing to really stress out either manager.

13:31 - Great free kick from Alexander-Arnold from the right side and Matip is able to get a head on it with some power, but misses the goal completely.

13:33 - Everton comes back with a free kick from about the same spot on the other side resulting in a Richarlison header, which goes just over the net…

13:34 - At the rate we are going so far (33’) this is going to halftime scoreless unless someone makes a huge David Luiz type error.

13:35 - Best chance of the game with Firmino taking a strike from just inside the box, but probably should’ve laid it off for someone else with a sliding defender keeping it from even getting on goal.

13:37 - Everton comes back with Richarlison getting a chance to strike from just outside the box after some neat passing; deflected by AA in a similar fashion though.

13:38 - Quick back and forth now between the boxes. No patience, no real shots on goal for either side, but the quick pace is pretty fun.

13:41 - Keane picks up a yellow taking out Mane to prevent him from getting too close to the box. Free kick for Liverpool now about 15-20 feet out on the left side.

13:42 - AA has a go at and it was pretty nice going for the bottom left corner, but Pickford picks it up without too much stress.

13:43 - Gomez getting ready to come in. It looks like for Milner at 42’ who is down with an ankle issue, maybe. I prefer Gomez as a centerback, but still good to get Gomez some time as he missed a lot of the early season I figure he will be the starting center back next to van Djik next season.

13:45 - I love that NBC Sports has a natural sound broadcast so you can hear the players talk a little more. During a normal game, it’s easy to miss some of Henderson’s contributions as a vocal leader.

13:45 - Great chance for Minamino deflected after a pass from Mane.

13:47 - Honestly forgot Keita was out there.

Everton 0-0 Liverpool

14:05 - And we’re back. Ox in for Minamino.

14:07 - Gomez took a mean run up the left side following a beautiful ball from van Djik. Smart run after Mane fell back to help on defense.

14:11 - Another nice action from Liverpool. Matip enters the ball from the right side, Keita knocks it to Firmino who chests it back and Keita tries to drill it out of the air towards goal, but misses pretty far wide.

14:11 - It was pretty. Can’t stop imagining if Keita would’ve found the back of the net, how sweet it would’ve been.

14:13 - Definitely feels like Liverpool has found control of the game after a quiet first half.

14:15 - Would like to see Salah come in for Keita and slide Ox back. Keita just doesn’t have the energy today.

14:16 - Liverpool has been so dominant this half that I don’t even know if Richarlison has touched the ball let alone dribbled past” van Djik.

14:17 - Entering the 59’ minute now to give some context.

14:18 - Liverpool is just so good at starting over an attack. Something doesn’t work, they send it back to Allison and he sends up back up the other side forcing Everton to scramble and reposition.

14:20 - Well he is Richarlison’s first go of the half as they send the ball over the defense, Richarlsion chases it down and skies it over as Matip closes down the gap.

14:20 - Free kick earned by Mane just outside the box after a Digne challenge.

14:21 - Announcers giving Mane shit for falling to easily, but I think they are way off. At the speed he’s going with someone knocking his ankle, he hops to try to avoid it.

14:22 - AAs free kick goes just off of Gomez’ head to earn Liverpool a free kick.

14:24 - Wijnaldum coming on for Keita and Origi coming in for Firmino at 65’.

14:25 - With Wijnaldum in, Henderson will have a little more freedom to play forward a little more. Origi looks like he’s playing more of a true 9 compared to Firmino who drops back often.

14:26 - Drink break at 68’.

14:30 - Looks like Matip is done for the day. Down on the ground with something wrong with his right foot.

14:31 - Matip did a little run to test it and immediately walked off.

14:31 - But he’s back…?

14:32 - Fabinho fell back to centerback and Matip is just standing at midfield waiting for Lovren.

14:32 - Lovren officially on as the fifth and final sub of the day.

14:33 - Lovren tends to make me nervous. Matip, Gomez, and van Djik are all so solid, but Lovren has a tendency to fall asleep or make Luiz type errors once in awhile.

14:38 - And my heart just stopped after Everton has the best chance of the day.

14:40 - Richarlison to #9 who taps it on goal, Alison has to dive to block it with his chest, and another Everton player strikes it off the side post. The following corner resulted in a nice straight on header just off the side of the goal.

14:40 - Lovren fucking up again defending on Richarlison’s side. Another nice save from Alisson.

14:44 - 5 minutes to go and Origi picks up a yellow trying to hold on to the Liverpool attack. Time is running out and Everton’s counter has been dominating ever since Lovren came in.

14:45 - Corner earned for Liverpool. Need a good AA cross here.

14:46 - Everton using a sub to kill some time. Iwobi off for Bernard.

14:49 - To give him a little bit of credit, Lovren has done a decent job advancing the ball past Everton’s defense, but to no end.

14:49 - Another sub for Everton about to come on to kill some more time.

14:49 - Only three minutes of stoppage time.

14:50 - Of with some beautiful (way too much) dribbling to earn Liverpool another free kick just outside the box.

14:51 - Fabinho gets the go and it’s a beaut. Might’ve missed high anyways, but Pickford taps it over to be careful.

Everton 0-0 Liverpool

14:53 - What a bummer. Still will basically take two wins to secure the title at this point since they only took away one point with the tie. City would have to draw or lose tomorrow in order for Liverpool to secure the title with a win Wednesday v Crystal Palace.

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