🖼 Favorite Artsy Instagrams Vol. 01

8 June 2020 art

While I’m no fan of Facebook, Instagram is where all the artists seem to be. It’s a wonderful place to follow all sorts of artists and see beautiful images all day long. Below are ten of my favorites, but I will certainly do this again in the future because there is just so much great stuff.

Erica Anderson - looping, animated GiF’s

Nick Ansted - photo manipulation and visual reverb”

Matt Mills - abstract designs

Alycia Rainaud - psychedelic textures

Sarper Baran - 3D Sci-Fi environments

Dig Out The Sky - surreal digital collage art

Mattia Calvi - hard to describe pop art tattoo artist

Lordess Foudre - retro internet vibe propaganda

Cosimo Galluzzi - Sci-Fi pop art

Jon-Paul Kaiser - mostly black and white vinyl toy artist

And my own designs can be found @dumbgraphics or Nonsense by TIV.

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