💽 Back to Basics - a Mixtape Vol. 05

June 5, 2020 💽

Back to Basics has been a long time coming. Last fall, when I realized I didn’t get around to posting Unlocking Haze, I put together this tracklist as a holdover to keep the mood up as the weather got crappy without being too poppy. Then I never got around to posting this one either. Now UH has been posted, and I already have a bunch of other mixtapes waiting in the wing after BtB.

This mixtape gets down to the basics, in a sense. As always, it includes ten tracks of old and new tunes, working together to create a level-headed mood. Tons of crazy shit going on right now and music sometimes helps.

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  1. IGOR’S THEME by Tyler, The Creator
  2. Dance Monkey by Tones and I
  3. Bang Bang by Dispatch
  4. Do You Remember? (ft. Death Cab For Cutie) by Chance the Rapper
  5. Charlie by Mallrat
  6. Best of Me by The Starting Line
  7. Sunflower (ft. Steve Lacy) by Vampire Weekend
  8. 8 by Billie Eilish
  9. Thunder by SHAED
  10. Thirteen by Big Star