🧿 Some Recent Designs

2 April 2020 🧿

For those who don’t know, I have a little nonsense art gallery at nonsense.tiv.today, where I post designs and things that don’t always make their way to TIV. Here’s a few of those that I’ve liked recently.


For this one, I went in with a goal to make something that reminded me of Warren Ellis’ ambient music podcast, SPEKTRMODULE. Something moody and muted. I’m going to try to make some designs for specific purposes, that her than just throwing shit randomly at a wall until I get something I think looks interesting.


This is for an upcoming mixtape playlist. I’ve got a few in the queue, but really dig this one.

Furloughed Quarantine

Another mixtape cover. This one for an upcoming instrumental, ambient, lofi mixtape.


Just one from a couple months ago I dig.


A little collage of panels from Grant Morrison’s Green Lantern issue #3

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