🔗 Why the People Behind Quibi Are So Confident

5 April 2020 📺 🔗


Todd S. Purdum:

Katzenberg’s old partner Steven Spielberg has created After Dark, a super-scary story,” Katzenberg said, that will be available on a subscriber’s phone only after the sun has gone down in the viewer’s location.

daily essentials” (six-minute news segments produced each day by the likes of NBC News, the BBC, ESPN, and Entertainment Weekly

More Quibi talk!

Overall, The Fugitive and the Chrissy Teigen Judge Judy-esque show have no appeal to me. It’s the daily essentials that I can see being really useful to start. While these outlets have YouTube channels, they can be overwhelming with how much they release. A short, curated, well produced show is exactly what I’m looking for when it comes to video news.

The Spielberg project also sounds good. The whole idea of only being available after the sun goes down, is gimmicky just like the turnstyle” viewing, but in the case of a scary story, and if they promote it well when it’s available in the app, could be implemented in a neat way.

Quibi comes out tomorrow and if you subscribe before April 30th, it’s a 90 day free trial.

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