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2 April 2020 link


Here’s what I want to say: every way of writing can work, and every reason for writing can work.

I think often of the kids’ cartoons of the 1980s, Transformers and He-Man and all the rest. These were pure commercial art: writers given an inventory of toys—already designed and, in some cases, manufactured—and instructed: Come up with a story that connects and explains these characters.”

The resulting teleplays were not literary,” but they were successful, and I don’t just mean commercially. They worked, as stories and as art. And now, of course, they’re beloved, not least for their ramshackle I’m-doing-the-best-I-can-here energy, which they couldn’t have acquired any other way.

Trying to get back in a mindset where I’m using this blog more and experimenting more. I had started a story excitement a long time ago through my design Instagram, writing a couple hundred words to go with a design that built on to each other. Might bring something like that back. Also need to think more about audio.

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