10 March 2020 micro basketball

If the Warriors don’t ship Wiggins, their go-to lineup next year will be Curry, Klay, Wiggins, Paschall, and Green. And it will work. The big three will be fresh, Paschall had basically a full year as the best player on an NBA team to learn, and Wiggins is… well Wiggins… But my guess is they ship Wiggins and their pick for a big name. Who? I don’t know, but imagine what they could be. I’m no trade expert but imagine the Warriors replacing Wiggins for one of these guys: Baynes, DeRozan, Aaron Gordon, Kevin Love, a big from Indiana, Gordon Hayward, John Collins (since they just got Capela), Zach LaVine, or DJ Wilson. I tried to throw a mix of guys in there because like I said, I have no idea who is actually gettable. Ultimately, I’d imagine it’d have to be a pretty crappy Eastern conference team that’d be willing to take Wiggins’ contract in order to get that high pick.

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