🔗 America Punished Elizabeth Warren for Her Competence — The Atlantic

5 March 2020 🔗 🏛


The Atlantic:

Warren, is, very notably, not a hot mess. She has presented herself as omnicompetent, in control, not even a little bit of a fuck-up”—and, therefore, as an antidote to the political and moral chaos that has been sowed by the presidency of Donald Trump. She is competence incarnate. She has a plan for that, just in general. She is unapologetically—and unavoidably—credentialed. She is a professor at Harvard. She created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She embraces those facts as assets. Which is also to say that, on the campaign trail, she has done what campaigning requires candidates to do: She has sung her own praises. She has sold her own story.

I don’t want to dive too much into the politics of it all right now. The number one goal is to have a new president elected come November, but I have to admit, I’m really disappointed it won’t be Elizabeth Warren who will be going toe to toe against 45 in the election.

In my opinion (and only my opinion,) Warren was the most qualified, with the most relevant experience and achievements, the best performer at the debates, and overall, just the smartest person running in the Democratic primary. Ultimately, it was probably because she is all those things and not a man thought led to her ultimate downfall. There are multitudes of reasons to support other candidates, and as a white male in her core demographic, I’m not the best person to speak to the reasons she largely missed with other key demographics. But the fact people say she is condescending because she touts her accomplishments is just bullshit.

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