🌎 Exploration of News Subscriptions

8 January 2020 🌎

I try to read a lot, but go through fits and starts pretty often. Sometimes I’m devouring multiple books, comics, blogs, magazines, and newspapers and other times I barely read anything. When I get in the mode to devour, I tend to oversubscribe myself to magazines and websites, which is most likely the cause of my reading downfall when it occurs.

Well, I’m in one of those moods again where I want to subscribe to everything. And magazines tend to be my kryptonite. I love checking out indie publications as well as the classics.

Before we get into the exploration, I figured I’d lead off with what I’m currently subscribed to.

all lists are in order of preference/desire

Blogs/Newsletters (free)

Subscribing to Apple News again would solve the non-indie magazine problem (see below), but I really dig the New Yorker app, so I wouldn’t really be able to save any money by dropping it unless I really went all in on Apple News…

With books, comics, all of that, and other articles shared around the web, I don’t usually feel like I’m in need of more reading. But right now I am craving other magazines, especially indie publications. And there are sooooo many I want to read and subscribe to in print, which is the real big problem when they start to stack up. But I just can’t stop myself.


The rest of these are all included with Apple News, which I may give another shot.

So many things… I know as soon as I jump in, I’ll regret it, but I love having a diverse set of things to read from diverse people and places so it’s hard to pick just a few. Instead I dive head first and end up regretting/cancelling everything.

For now, I’ll hold off as long as I can, but I have a feeling The Paris Review, Marvel Unlimited, and Apple News may be in my future sooner than later.

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