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10 January 2020 🔗


John Gruber:

For me personally, the rotating thing sounds awful. Which orientation is canonical? It just sounds like a gimmick. And I know that Hulu has separate paid tiers, one with ads, one without, but man, $5/month with ads is a hard sell to me.

I’ve been saying I think Quibi is going to surprise people. In terms of the screen rotation, I think it’s obvious landscape is the canonical orientation, but they working to make ever show viewable in portrait if you so choose, without losing too much. On the pricing side, if Quibi does the ads right, it’ll be fine. I’d envision them following the YouTube model, with ads being less than 15 seconds before videos, skippable after five would be preferred.

I love YouTube, but it’s hard to find well-made channels that are consistent. From all accounts this feels what YouTube Red should’ve been. Rather than trying to follow the Hollywood model, make your own model that fits into your platform and make sure it’s easy to follow.

Having The Nod and all the amazing directors/writers from the jump will be huge.

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