🔗 Losing Kobe Bryant, the Dad

29 January 2020 🔗 🏀


Shea Serrano:

Kobe Bryant is dead.

What a stupid sentence.

What a miserable, terrifying, heartbreaking, complicated, stupid fucking sentence.

It took me awhile to read anything about Kobe since the news hit Sunday. His age, his daughter, everything about it sucks. The first six podcasts that hit my Overcast queue were instantly deleted.

I finally listened to the Ringers NBA Mismatch show yesterday, and then watched some of the TNT preshow last night, read a few pieces, and with each word I thought, Why am I doing this to myself.”

As a Jordan guy, I always rooted against Kobe, but when it comes to that killer mentality on the court, Kobe was the closest there was to MJ.

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