🎙 Gimlet Fiction Podcasts, ranked

10 December 2019 podcasts rankings

  1. Sandra
  2. Motherhacker
  3. The Horrors of Dolores Roach (2 seasons)
  4. Homecoming (2 seasons)
  5. The Two Princes (haven’t finished)

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything and I have a tons of crap in my Drafts to write so I figured I’d get something out, nice and easy.

Gimlet has really brought fiction podcasts to a new level for me. I’ve dabbled with some of the Night Vale Presents stuff, Marvel has done well with Wolverine, and Blackout was pretty enjoyable as well, but Gimlet just makes super well produced hits worthy of your time.

The Two Princes is the only show to not grab me, but I still plan on going back to it.

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