⚽️ Manchester United vs. Liverpool - Live Weblog

October 20, 2019 🕸 ⚽️

Getting in a couple minutes late.. but… ALISSON!!! Big ups to Adrián for holding down the fort but Alisson is the man and I feel so much better with him and van Djik sharing the field together.

Also notable, Salah is out for the day with a tweaked ankle. Origi will be taking his spot in the starting lineup, but Mo is expected back for the Wednesday UCL match.

No Pogba for MU, so on paper it really should be a W for Liverpool. MU playing an odd 3-4-3 with Bissaka and Young in the midfield.

10:41 - Nice quick attack from Robertson deep to Mane who heads it forward for Firmino. With no one in the box with him, Firmino let it rip from a rough angle and couldn’t get a solid foot on it and missed the goal entirely.

10:44 - Nice footwork from Gini at the top of the box to fire off a shot, but not enough on it and it goes directly to de Gea.

10:46 - Liverpool has not been afraid to dribble to ball right though the midfield.

10:51 - I don’t like a 3-4-3 lineup in general, but playing against Liverpool with it seems like signing your own death warrant. Liverpool has dominated the ball since 08:00 and every chance ManU has had has been with only two men up and, for the most part, has been dealt with pretty easily.

10:52 - Gini with the fancy footwork. When Gini and Fabinho are involved, things tend to go well.

10:56 - McTominay has a scary run up the middle, but couldn’t get enough on his right to make anything happen.

11:02 - Some fancy footwork from Robertson this time, although he ultimately ended giving the ball away. Liverpool players have pretty much had their way dribbling the ball, but haven’t been able to find the right passes.

11:05 - Best chance of the game missed by Firmino. Mane ran down the right side, making the pass to Firmino in the box who was a bit lazy with it. Missing both with power and aim, just basically directing it on goal, nothing more.

11:06 - And there’s the two-man break resulting in a goal for ManU….

Manchester United 1-0 Liverpool

11:08 - McTominay to James on the far right side with a perfect cross to Rashford who easily taps in past Alisson. VAR looking at a foul before the build up, but the goal stands.

11:11 - Well that’s super deflating. I’m fine with VAR not overturning the goal due to the foul, but I don’t think you can say it’s because it was too far from the goal. It did directly lead to the goal, but I can see a ref not calling it a foul so it’s fine.

11:13 - Lazy fucking pass from Fabinho during a great buildup… 🤦‍♂️ unacceptable.

11:14 - MANEEEEEEEEEE (VAR check happening for handball and will probably be overturned…) damnit.

11:15 - Right call from VAR, unfortunately.

Manchester United 1-0 Liverpool

11:18 - I feel pretty confident that Liverpool will find the back of the net in the second half. Just need to make sure ManU doesn’t…

11:43 - Very midfield heavy to start the second half. Manchester looked like they had control for awhile, and now Liverpool have taken the reigns a bit.

11:43 - Looks like Ox might be subbing in. Hopefully soon. I love early second half subs.

11:45 - Fabinho DECKED James. Yikes.

11:48 - Ox in for Origi, which is interesting. Henderson seems to be filling into Origi’s spot and Ox, Henderson’s.

11:58 - Lallana coming on for Henderson now. This is the kind of match we could’ve really used Shaqiri off the bench.

12:02 - Confidence is shot at this point. Haven’t even gotten a touch in the United box, despite numerous runs and crosses.

12:09 - Keita in for Wjinaldum at 82’

12:09 - Just a slew of disappointing crosses all half.

12:11 - There it is!!!!!!!

12:12 - Lallana finds the back of the net. Hell yeah.

Manchester United 1-1 Liverpool

12:13 - Keita played it out from the center to Robertson, whose cross passes by Firmino, directly to Lallana all alone at the far post. 😘

12:16 - Some beautiful play around the box by Liverpool. Momentum has definitely shifted since Rashford left the field for Martial.

12:18 - I can smell three points.

12:19 - Ahhhh Ox’s strke from outside goes just wide.

12:19 - Corner for ManU….

12:21 - Matip heads it out safely. Two minutes left of stoppage time, enough for one more patient build up.

12:22 - Ox’s chip into a running Alexander-Arnold was over hit and out of reach. That should probably do it for the game.

12:23 - Corner for Liverpool… one more shot…

Manchester United 1-1 Liverpool

12:25 - Slightly disappointed to only get one point versus Manchester United, but obviously, after being down one for most of the game, it’s a relief to get one, and keep the lead over City at six points now.

12:25 - Mane was nowhere to be found all game and Fabinho was pretty awful too.